Welcome to OSMS. Our doctor-owned clinic has been providing Green Bay and the surrounding communities with professional orthopedic and rheumatologic care since 1963.

Experience the patient-focused care that being doctor-owned brings and get back to the life you want to live!


Our Doctors

Michael Avery DO


William Enright MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

Walker Flannery MD
Orthopedic Surgeon


James Grace MD
Orthopedic Surgeon


Joel Hein MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

Gregory Kirwan DO
Foot & Ankle Surgeon


Jason Klein MD
Orthopedic Surgeon


Debbie Lim MD


Daniel Linehan MD
Orthopedic Surgeon


Steven Schechinger MD
Orthopedic Surgeon


Thomas Sullivan MD
Orthopedic Surgeon


Michael Tressler MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

Paul Tuttle DO
Pediatric & Adult Rheumatologist


Paul Utrie MD

Ben Zellner MD
Orthopedic Hand Surgeon

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10 Years as OSMS. 50+ Years of Providing Expert Care.
OSMS may be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this month, but we have a much longer history of providing orthopedic and rheumatologic care to the community. Let’s take a look at our history. More than 50 years ago, there were two independent, physician-owned orthopedic clinics in Green Bay. One was Orthopaedic Associates of Green Bay...