The Joint Journey at OSMS

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The Joint Journey at OSMS is a comprehensive arthritis center that encompasses the four stops a person may have on their journey with arthritis. Each arthritis journey is different. Some people will move through all four stops, and some won’t. But no matter which phase you are at, our goal is to help you get back to the life you love. 


Stop 1: Early Arthritis Clinic

Through our early arthritis clinic, we will work to diagnose arthritis in its early stages and start a treatment plan. This helps prevent further joint damage and can help slow down the progression of the disease. We have the physicians and resources to diagnose both degenerative arthritis – such as osteoarthritis – and inflammatory arthritis – like rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis. To schedule an appointment with one of our physicians, please call 920-430-8113.

Download our early signs of arthritis check list.

Stop 2: Nonsurgical Treatment

Once an arthritis diagnosis is made, the OSMS physicians can prescribe medications or perform injections that will help relieve the symptoms of arthritis. We can also refer patients for physical therapy or provide instructions for activity modifications that can help manage symptoms. The OSMS team follows up with patients receiving nonsurgical treatments to see how they are working and to determine if a different treatment plan is needed.

For patients with rheumatoid or other inflammatory conditions who need infusion therapy to manage symptoms, OSMS has onsite infusion therapy suites at our Green Bay location. We are also opening a second rheumatology and infusion therapy clinic in the Fox Cities later this summer!

Stop 3: Joint Replacement

If nonsurgical treatments are no longer effective at relieving arthritis symptoms, and a patient’s quality of life is severely affected, the OSMS physicians can perform a total joint replacement. Hip, knee, and shoulder replacements can be done in a hospital setting or right at our surgery center. The Outpatient Joint Journey at the surgery center allows patients who qualify to return home within 23 hours of their procedure.

Stop 4: Education and Support

Through the Joint Journey at OSMS, patients have access to ongoing education and support in the form of:

  • Educational events and question/answer sessions for patients who’ve had joint replacement surgery or who are considering a joint replacement.
  • The Joint Journey Walking Club.
  • The Joint Journey Network, which connects patients with others who are considering a joint replacement.